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Cutting / Styling 


At 58c haircuts are designed to allow customers to maintain their preferred style as their hair continues to grow. Our clients have long been satisfied with their enduring hairstyles. We also understand the concerns of the various hair types of different ethnicities, and are able to provide the best solution to each customer. Please let us know any request you may have without any hesitation because 58c is your private salon.  


Shampoo & Blow Dry / Setting / Up-Do 

We provide hair styling to suit any occasions such as natural blow dry styling for everyday and up style for special dinners and parties.  



Incorporating the techniques utilized by top colorist in Los Angeles and New York, we provide the color design according to your request and personality using a variety of techniques such as balayage and ombre. 

At 58c, we are dedicated to continuously learning new techniques, products and cosmetics through active communication with top stylists around the world.  


Curl / Straightening 



We can help design your personal style by controlling the volume and wave of your hair in an effort to best accentuate your features. We only use the highest quality products to minimize damage to your hair according to your hair type and condition. 

If you are seeking to maximize the luster of your hair, this process can suppress the volume making it easier to care for at home.  

Japanese Straightening 

Japan’s groundbreaking hair straightening technique can straighten curly or frizzy hair to a shiny, sleek hair that makes maintenance much easier.  The straightening solution has been improved so that the damage to the hair can be minimized.  

Due to the hazardous side effects, we do not offer Brazilian Keratin Treatment, Keratin Straightening or Keratin Blowout contain formaldehyde which can damage your hair irreversibly.


Adding Color Treatment 

This treatment adds color and protection to hair simultaneously. 
Utilization of this process is most effective when adding highlights or bleach.

System Treatment 

The System Treatments encapsulates the work done to the hair while reducing the alkaline property to maintain a safe and healthy hair. Three types of treatments are used to repair the cuticle providing the long-lasting treatment effect and allowing your hair to be healthy and withstand harmful arid-dry conditions.

APS Internal Treatment 

APS Internal Treatment restores your hairs natural quality.  

The active ingredient penetrates deep into the cortex inside of the cuticle and restores the damaged area.  

APS Excellent Treatment 

The APS Excellent Treatment strengthens and repairs your hair even further by increased effect of internal treatment moisturizing the hair deep inside and leaving the surface shiny and smooth.

APS 3EX Treatment 

By applying a reactive system treatment after the Excellent Treatment, it enhances the cuticle repair effect and increases the longevity of the results. It leaves the hair soft and silky. 


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