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Fifty Eight C


In order to enhance its beauty, a diamond is cut into 57 facets. 

The final step in preserving this beauty is the 58th cut, called the culet.  


It is in this moment when the fragility of the stone is no more and its true beauty, strength, and practicality can be admired.


The name 58c was born “to maintain these beautiful moments.”


With the experience of treating 

the following more than 47 nationalities customers,

🇺🇸American 🇦🇷Argentine 🇦🇺Australian 🇧🇩Bangladeshi 🇧🇪Belgian 🇧🇷Brazilian 🇬🇧British 🇨🇦Canadian 🇨🇳Chinese 🇭🇷Croats 🇨🇾Cypriot 🇩🇰Danish 🇳🇱Dutch 🇪🇬Egyptian 🇸🇻El Salvadoran 🇵🇭Filipino 🇫🇮Finnish 🇫🇷French 🇬🇪Georgians 🇩🇪German 🇬🇷Greek 🇭🇰Hong Konger 🇮🇳Indian 🇮🇪Irish 🇮🇱Israeli 🇮🇹Italian 🇯🇲Jamaican 🇯🇵Japanese 🇰🇷Korean 🇱🇧Lebanese 🇲🇾Malaysian 🇲🇽Mexican 🇳🇿New Zealanders 🇵🇱Polish 🇵🇹Portuguese 🇷🇺Russian 🇸🇦Saudi Arabian 🇸🇬Singaporean 🇸🇮Slovenian 🇿🇦South African 🇪🇸Spanish 🇸🇪Swedes 🇨🇭Swiss 🇹🇼Taiwanese 🇹🇭Thai 🇹🇷Turk 🇻🇳Vietnamese and more.

58c has relocated from New York City to Tokyo in an effort to establish a truly international hair salon where clients with any hair style needs can be satisfied.


Our customers’ needs are our primary focus. Also as a measure against COVID-19,

therefore we only provide private one-on-one service by appointment.

The most important “C” for 58c, is our Customers.

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